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Mar 07,  · In , Anthony Webb entered the Slam Dunk Contest as a rookie and took the NBA world by storm. But, unfortunately, his team’s top dunker, Dominique Wilkins, wasn’t aware of how often he dunked. In addition to his impressive inch vertical, 5’7″, Webb showered the crowd with a variety of dunks that sent the crowd scrambling for 10s. Dec 13,  · On that note, here we take a look at the 10 best dunkers of all time in the NBA: # LeBron James. LeBron James is one of the most gifted athletes of all time and a supreme . Aug 25,  · NBA 2K23’s MyTEAM mode boasts all-new cards and rewards, introduces Triple Threat Online: Co-Op, and eliminates the need for contracts! For those outside of the Top 10, you can also earn a special icon for completing all possible tiers and prestiges for the Season. Get started by playing 10 games in any MyTEAM mode to earn a 90 OVR.

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May 18,  · Back in , the greatest white dunker with a 6 ft 10 in height won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Tom Chambers dunk is undoubtedly the best dunk in NBA history. Chambers marked 38th on the NBA career with 20, points. The giant Tom could do unblock-able jump shots due to his size and easily finish anything he wants. Jul 23,  · The NBA has never seen anything as closely fought as the high-level battle between LaVine and Gordon. Gordon’s final dunk was only awarded a 47, which to this day, still boggles the minds of. 0 views, 34 likes, 0 loves, 5 comments, 44 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from NBA Feedback: ⛔️Top 10 slam dunks in human history!!⛔️ greatest dunks of all time! Sep 01,  · Whether it be a poster, an alley-oop slam or a flashy spectacle, there isn’t much that can make a crowd erupt more than an all-time slam dunk. While dunks in the NBA Slam .

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Feb 26,  · Richardson chucks the ball off the backboard, catches it in mid-air, puts it between his legs, and throws it down with crazy authority. This dunk was super funky and a great way . Feb 15,  · At 5'7, Spud Webb is the shortest player in NBA history to participate in the Slam Dunk Contest, and he beat out his teammate Dominique Wilkins – . NBA Vault: Some great clutch plays in NBA history. Stephen Curry Top 10 clutch moments of the season. Giannis, Jokic duel in FIBA qualifiers.