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Pinball Playfield Hardtop. $ - $ Introducing, the Outside Edge Hardtop! This is NOT a new playfield. This is also NOT a thin decal. This is a high-quality extremely durable . Oct 22,  · The Next Generation Playfield Protector is made of Vivak (PET-G), which allows us to reduce thickness and improve the edges by using CNC lasers instead of CNC molding cutters. The new surface is now even more transparent while still being glossy. Our playfield protectors are precut protectors, which fit individually to each pinball machine type.

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Pinball machines, we sell all manufactures games including but not limited to STERN PINBALL, CHICAGO GAMING PINBALL, AMERICAN PINBALL. We have a showroom in operation in central Pennsylvania. Also MODs Pinball LEDs, LAZERIFFIC, PINBALL SIDE MIRRORS. Conditions that diminish the value of your game include: wear on the playfield surface, broken features, scaped and knicked cabinets, burned plastics, missing lamps, and pieces. The better the condition, the higher the sale price. Space Shuttle Pinball $ (11/) Space Station Pinball - $ (3/) Data East Star Wars - $ (10/). Pinball is an arcade game in which a ball rolls and is propelled inside a specially designed cabinet known as a pinball machine, hitting various lights, bumpers, ramps, and other targets depending on its www.adminshovgen.ru game's object is generally to score as many points as possible by hitting these targets and making various shots with flippers before the ball is lost.

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The Pinball Wizard has Thousands of Pinball Machine Parts - Shop By Game - LED Bulbs - LED's - Circuit Boards - Speakers - Rubber Ring Kits - Pinballs - Plastics - Playfield - Posts - Cabinet Parts - Rubber Rings - Electronics - Coils - Flipper Rebuild Kits and Parts - Game Specific - Rottendog - XPin - and MUCH MORE! The Pinball Wizard LLC - Doing our part to . Mar 20,  · Now available – HARDTOP playfield repair/replacement solution for many titles including Space Shuttle, Taxi, Pharoah, Wizard!, Future Spa, Comet, Frontier, Black Knight, Evel Knievel, Firepower, Mata Hari and more! See more info today HERE and get your game playfield restored to pristine condition! This is a high quality product to.